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Our On Cloud solution includes IaaS, PaaS, DRaaS, and SaaS services to banks and financial institutions in Russia for Provide bank pension funds.


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Careful Research

I made to gain a deeper understanding of their customers preferences and needs with the idea of discovering what each segment finds most valuable to more accurately tailor design toward that segment. Customer segmentation can have a great effect on customer management in that, by dividing customers into different groups that share similar needs, the I can improve experience to each group differently and focus on what each kind of customer needs at any given moment. Firstly, part of the user flow for Agent and Client


Fluent Design System provides the options to create all kinds of forms without regress of design. We can scale our product as widely as we need. For example, in my country there is a special form of the tax application, 3NDFL, it is more than 100 text fields, check boxes, controls and all this is connected with each other. We deploy this form in our product with absolutely no problems in UX and UI, and now it works great.

So, this design style and the system was spread to other services.





app gp

Cистема документооборота, которой пользуется множество банков, НПФ, нефтяных компаний, гос организаций в России и Европе. Система типа ЮЗЭДО, b2b-обмен данными по операциям предприятий и деловая переписка в защищенном и юридически значимом виде. Возникла необходимость разработать мобильную версию системы для Android 4+. Многим компаниям необходима система, которая обеспечивала бы автоматизированное, централизованное и, что важно, контролируемое управление потоком документов, а также позволяла бы быстро и без лишних трудозатрат оформлять, согласовывать и затем хранить весь объем договорных документов. Мобильное приложение позволяет повысить качество и скорость работы с документами и таким образом улучшить управленческую деятельность.


You can check the interactive prototype:


And iOS

I was a Design Director on this project, and some screens were made by my subordinates, they used my design style.

Micro interactions, of course! I created this smooth animation of logotype from application icon to login screen. Also we add parallax effect on a Logo, when we change position of the iPhone device is moved.

Animation between Segmented Controls and Search Bar is big problem for all designers. So, there is good decision.

Also, we made great animation for file downloading.



Of course, full flexible layout for all text sizes. Extreme sizes, of course, can look a little absurd on the extreme large or small devices.


When an iPad or iPhone 6 Plus is in landscape mode, the UISplitViewController class divides the screen into two side-by-side panels which implement a master-detail model. Within this model, the left hand panel is the master panel and presents a list of items to the user. The right hand panel is the detail panel and displays information relating to the currently selected item in the master panel.


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