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Hi! I’m Max Vetkov. I’m an eXperienced Product Design Lead based in Dubai Eastern Europe. My experience, knowledge, and intuition benefit business in many ways. 13 years working in the UX Industry and Loving Every Day, Just love World-Wide-Web!

Btw, I’m available for freelance work 😃! You can contact me via linkedin profile. And yes, I prefer to be contacted via LinkedIn, no forms in modern world. For stalkers:

or just say Hello🇬🇧 / 你好🇨🇳 / Сiao🇮🇹 / Привет at yourscorpion2 @

Stay tuned!

What I stand for

Laser-focused at bringing value to your product. 

What I stick to

I love to work with stakeholders like you who keep the world spinning.