As a Product Design Lead with over 15 years of experience, I have delivered interfaces for 200 000 000+ of happy users, and organized 11 design teams.

My way of creating the best user eXperience is based on research and expertise. I combine systems thinking, logic, design thinking, common sense, forward thinking and strong technical skills to find the best solution to your problem. Work independently or lead a team of up to 10.


I have graduated students from GeekBrains, Udemy, ProductStar, and SkillBox.
I served as an instructor, course creator, graduation committee chair, and mentor.


I’ve authored articles in various languages on a wide range of topics, including design systems, product design, information security, web development, and team management.


Classy public speaking in podcasts or on video. Talking about how the design market works, bringing unique content to the industry.

B2C Mobile


Game Dev

I love to codeС++ and try out different game engines, and I have a special fondness for UE5.


I am proficient in conveying a narrative through a sequence of images.


downloads of photos taken during my “savage” travels to 20+ countries


bold experiments and real projects presented as simple concepts


times my plugins have been in use by IT-specialists around the world. I also shared source code.


2D Skills

I am a highly skilled digital illustrator with two art degrees and extensive experience predating the advent of A.I.

3D Skills

I have extensive experience creating assets for games and movies using 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema, and ZBrush.


I produced a significant amount of printed publicity materials in millions of print runs, with complex Pantones and meticulous pre-press preparation.

Smart TV

I designed both the industrial design and interface for a Set-Top box from scratch with confidence and a friendly approach.

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